Charlotte Louise Nystrom

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Charlotte Louise Nystrom is a creative writer and poet from the rocky coast of Maine. Her favorite works are honest, emotional, and raw. Charlotte strives to capture words that will touch her readers' hearts and souls-- making the world a little softer by celebrating its beauty and bridging connections.
Explore her visceral, visual wordplay in Word Paintings, a fresh poetry collection co-written with author Larry Yoke. Charlotte's short stories and poetry also appear in Unfinished Chapters, Finding Mr. Right, Dreamers Writers Magazine, and Maine‚Äôs Best Emerging Poets 2019. Her poetry has garnered awards including first place in the Dream Quest One competition.

Charlotte is also a prolific ghostwriter, preparing to take a more worldly form. Watch for her up and coming novel, Layla. A captivating adventure featuring an unlikely heroine of the goldrush era.


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 Word Paintings by Larry Yoke & Charlotte Nystrom
From the mirror of our imaginations come poetic life impressions. 

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Charlotte Nystrom